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Delivery Methods


With the ever-expanding list of project delivery methods, Clinton dedicates significant effort and resources to remaining at the forefront of the industry in providing a finished product that meets all of the client’s requirements.





Clinton offers decades of experience in the construction industry that requires a fixed-price bid on a set of construction drawings. Once we have a clear understanding of the plans and specifications, we will determine the lowest possible cost. Our project managers determine issues to avoid cost overruns by working closely with the architect and engineering teams.




In the Design-Assist method, Clinton engineers work closely with your design and construction team to clarify the operational benefits of the project. We will analyze alternates on a price/performance basis. Our engineer’s knowledge of installation, maintenance, and long-term operating costs will help deliver the maximum value for all budgets. When appropriate, we’ll recommend using alternative designs, different materials, and more efficient installation methods.




Design-Build brings together a partnership of the owner, architects, general contractors, engineers, and trades. As part of the design-build team, Clinton engineers analyze the owner’s requirements, reviewing concepts and systems on a price/performance benefit. Design-Build speeds up the entire construction process as we proceed seamlessly from design into construction with known project costs. Design-Build is the best way to avoid constant change orders and cost overruns.